When we decided to start our company, we have searched and called about 10-15 contractors in our line of work. The surprising thing was that our phone call was answered only once or twice, the rest of the calls went to voicemail or even worse, the phone number was disconnected and no longer in service. Out of those that did answer non would be able to assist us if we needed their help when it comes to drywall or painting. Sounds familiar? So our solution was simple. Number one, when you call us we will answer, or if you have to leave us voicemail, we will follow up within 24 hours. Number two, from the time of the initial visit and assessment you will have an estimate emailed to you, unless we need more information from you. If I fail to do so, I will personally buy and mail you $25 Gift card of your choice. Did I forget to mention, we are insured and have multiple years of experience, but lets face it, everyone says this. We actually get it done! With over 25 years of experience, our team is dedicated to getting your project done right, the first time.